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Self-produced, New Swears’ fourth full-length LP, Night Mirror, could be considered a bit of a departure from their critically acclaimed 2017 Dine Alone release And the Magic of Horses but that shouldn’t surprise anyone who follows them. One thing that has been consistent since the band’s debut is their unpredictability. While holding true to their DIY ethic and punk roots, they continue to diversify their sound as they seamlessly venture into campfire-style country ‘feels’, showcasing killer vocal harmonies, and introducing pedal steel and harmonica to the mix. The upcoming album features some of the band’s most finely crafted songs, exploring topics of inner-reflection and ushering in a 5th band member on keys/piano.

Hailing from Ottawa, ON, New Swears - featuring members Stoney, Nick Nofun, Sammy Scorpion, Beej Eh and new addition Handsome Mike - formed in 2012 when the original four members shared a room and a pair of bunk beds in the infamous DIY venue the Fun Boy Club House (RIP). This scuzzy punk paradise included two bars, a mini-ramp, rats scurrying through broken beer bottles, and some of the wildest live shows Canada’s capital has ever seen.

While New Swears’ destructive self-released videos landed them on the radar of local law enforcement, the band also earned a rep for their riotous performances, releasing two DIY LPs, and raging across Canada, the US, and Europe. Sharing stages with like-minded rock ‘n’ rollers Diarrhea Planet, Black Lips, and PUP, their shows became infamous for explosions of silly string, confetti, and human pyramids.

In late 2016, New Swears signed to indie-powerhouse Dine Alone Records releasing their “Brand New Spot”/“Sugar Heavy Metal” 7” followed by their studio album, And the Magic of Horses in 2017 which received 9/10 in Exclaim!

But who are New Swears, really? A heartfelt and eye-opening video Bio about the band narrated by artist Buddy Smiles recently surfaced and is available HERE.


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  • Beej Eh

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These four Ottawa dudes have written a genuinely fun record—handclaps and chugging, sunny riffs in tow—full of songs about smoking weed, drinking, having sex, and, generally speaking, not giving a shit.
— Pitchfork
‘Brand New Spot’ is a blast, capturing a feeling of youthful excitement and exhilaration through a wistful look back at glory days that are still happening.
— Impose
[Dance With the Devil] piles on charming harmonies and summery melodies that make a warm weather anthem. It’s a typically raucous rip for a band that’s beloved for all the usual reasons. You know, like Jackass-level masochistic hooliganism and building halfpipes in their living room.
— Noisey
Growing up is never easy, but New Swears continue to make it look like a hell of a lot of fun on And the Magic of Horses, an incredibly solid album that shows how to mature tastefully without losing your edge.
— 9/10 review on Exclaim!